PandaSays - drawing from child with autism

About us

PandaSays is an AI Android application for children with autism and for their parents and tutors to help them communicate better. The app uses Machine Learning algorithms, that predict the affective state of the child from their drawings. The dataset of the drawings was validated by Ms. Georgiana Soricică, clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. 


The application is designed for children diagnosed with autism, aphasia, Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, but also for any child that has communication difficulties and needs help.

How it works

The child draws something, then the drawing it is sent to the machine learning analyzer and the affective state of the child it is displayed as result. The output of the machine learning algorithm is further sent to a humanoid robot (Alpha 1P/1E, or Marty) and the robot will make certain actions to make the child feel better.