Our Mission

PandaSays - child with autism drawing
Help children all over the world

    At PandaSays, we are dedicated to bringing a positive change to the lives of children on the autism spectrum and their families. Our groundbreaking algorithm, designed specifically for this purpose, translates the unique language of their drawings into valuable insights about their emotional states.


    In the realm of autism, where communication can be a complex puzzle, we strive to be a beacon of understanding and support. Our mission is to empower parents, guardians, and professionals in autism research centers with a tool that goes beyond diagnosis – one that fosters a deeper connection with these exceptional children.


  We envision PandaSays as not just an application but a vital resource for homes and therapeutic environments alike. By providing a means to decipher the emotional cues embedded in the artwork of these children, we aspire to enhance both the daily lives of families and the methodologies of autism research.


    Join us as we pioneer a path toward greater emotional understanding and create a world where every child, regardless of their unique abilities, can communicate, connect, and thrive.

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